• Download an empty CSV template file: import_ammo.csv
  • Save the file on your desktop and open it in Excel:

  • Fill out the template with your ammunition data. See the table below for the file structure details. Note that only Caliber/Gauge/Bore field is mandatory and must be populated, all other columns are optional and can be left empty.
    • Note 1: Name and Caliber/Gauge/Bore fields are mandatory and must be populated, all other columns are optional and can be left empty.
    • Note 2: wish list and owned items can be mixed in the same file. For wish list items set Wish list value to Y.
    • Note 3: for wish list items you can fill out all columns except date purchased and price purchased.

    Column nameMax lengthNote
    Caliber/Gauge/Bore50Mandatory! Lookup data (please read more here).
    Seeded calibers.
    Manufacturer100Lookup data.
    Seeded ammunition manufacturers.
    Part #80For part # or brand details
    Manufacture date8Date in format YYYYMMDD, for example 20181012 (Dec 1, 2019)
    Casing50Lookup data (please read more here).
    Seeded casings.
    Shot type/size30
    Shell length30
    Quantity30A positive number.
    Date purchased8Date in format YYYYMMDD, for example 20191201 (Dec 1, 2019)
    Price purchased30Do not include the currency symbol, just numbers, for example 1299.95 ($1,299.55)
    Note4000Try not to use all available 4000 chars, keep it short and simple.
    Wish list1Put Y if this item is in your wish list.

    Lookup data

    The application maintains lists of reusable values (aka 'lookups') for some data fields. This simplifies manual data input and keeps the app data consistent and clean. In a new application installation those lists already populated (seeded) with some values. Here is the list of lookups for ammunition data:
    • Calibers - shared with guns
    • Ammo manufacturers
    • Casings
    For the fields marked as "Lookup data" open the related lookup data link, find the value, (for example type name) and copy and paste it to the field.

    If you don't find a value you need, type it in in the field - the import process will pick up this new value and add it to the lookup list.
  • Save your data as a CSV file. Feel free to change the file name.
  • Open the CSV file in Notebook. Take a quick look to make sure everything looks good. You should see something similar to this:
  • Transfer the file to the mobile device to start import process.